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iOS – the soul of iPhone and iPad

If you are familiar with Apple products you will already know that iOS is the name of the operating software of all multimedia touch screen mobile devices of Apple. Without the iOS operating system you would not be able to enjoy your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The operating system sold by Apple is naturally based on Mac OS X. All Apple iOS products are already equipped with various pre-installed programs and functions. Thus, all functions for making calls and exchanging SMS messages are already available. There are several multimedia applications already installed in addition to the Safari web browser and Apple mail. In contrast to other touch screen devices iOS offers the possibility to control all functions of the mobile unit only by using the multimedia touch screen.

IT-Solutions Stark – we are familiar with iOS

The revolutionary multidimensional touch screen offers you a wider range of possibilities compared to those with only a standard touch screen. We would not be worth it to describe us as the IT-Solutions Stark experts if we were not able to assist you with the comfortable use of your iPhone or iPad. On the one hand the use of the iOS devices has become much more comfortable. On the other hand the requirements for the optimal benefit from the devices have increased. Of course we would be happy to assist you with extract the optimum from your iOS device.

One of our iOS projects

You can expect more from IT-Solutions Stark

The know-how of our experts is definitely no coincident. An impressive evidence of the IT-Solutions Stark professionals’ skills is the extraordinary successful programming of a comprehensive iOS App for the University of Kaiserslautern. We would be pleased to share our comprehensive know-how including all iOS related topics with you. Especially as we are familiar with this area we would like to point out that Apple has not invented the iOS based functions solely to your advantage as a customer. The real purpose is to sell additional services and functionalities. This is of course a legal strategy, especially since Apple is a company focused on achieving a profit, like any other company. Consequently the officially distributed iOS Apps are for instance not free of charge. Most of them are also limited with regard to their functions. Add-ons are, you already know, also subject to additional charges. We make use of the opportunities which were granted by Apple in 2010 for programming on the iOS platform in its entirety. We would be pleased to create your Apps according to your requirements and wishes. Of course we have our own ideas and beliefs which we would very much like to share with you.

Please challenge us

If you know us already, then you will be totally aware of our capability to achieve the optimum, and not only with regard to all iOS related topics. If you do not know us so far, it is high time that we get to know each other. You can reach us by phone, fax or e-mail. Please challenge us; our promise is that we will not dissatisfy you. Your inquiries are free of charge and our offers are without any obligation.

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