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Web development as a standard

With the Internet the web-based development has become the standard for all programmers. So it is not a big deal to create a web application including the interaction by using the HTTP protocol in these days. Thus, in the context of Web 2.0 the user is not only the consumer but also the provider of the content. However, the term Web 2.0 is already being detached by the designation of social media. By the way, the programming language HTML is also going through the same trend. HTML5 replaces the previous versions like HTML4.01, XHTML1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML. With HTML5, for example, animations can be processed directly without using any plug-ins.

For IT-Solutions Stark web development is more than a duty

It is granted that an IT company cannot be successful by offering the ability to do web development only. For us from IT-Solutions Stark it is preliminary important to know the skills for a professional web development to be able to create the perfect web application for you as our customer. We would be glad to take care of the implementation of your creative ideas and content. You can also fully rely on us in terms of our creativity. At IT-Solutions Stark you to not have to but you have the opportunity to profit from our full service offer.

One of our Web-Development projects

Leading companies rely on us

In addition to craft tools and creativity our long experience in the field of web development is the most outstanding characteristics of our company. So it is for us not just a mere coincidence, but a logical consequence that major companies have decided to cooperate with our company. Inter alia we have carried out numerous very successful projects in close cooperation with the advertising agency Plan.Net Mobile for german and international companies. Especially for our clients in the advertising industry it is very important not to get a standard product off the shelf. An individual solution is exactly our target. We owe the success of our business to our philosophy to go always the best but not only the easiest way for our clients. This is absolutely crucial for your long-term success as a company. Of course we would also like to profit from your success as well. In this context the material gain is very important, of course. However, your satisfaction and the long-term cooperation are of higher importance for us than just making money.

You can ask us almost anything

If you have had a look around our website and you still have further questions about web development please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also be happy to receive your suggestions and comments by phone, fax or e-mail. We will also gladly answer your questions or even take your comments that do not directly belong or are not related to web development at all. In case that our experts are not able to answer a question directly we will call you back. But only after we have informed us accordingly, this is our promise to you.

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